THE GREAT YASSINE photos are a limited collection of unique NFTs, hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Every THE GREAT YASSINE photo is unique – just like you.

Our NFT Project

The Great Yassine

Our NFT Project

Through this unlimited series of photos, a real artistic collection, we want to share our vision. It's a positive and conscious vision that our wonderful planet must be protected.

When you buy one of our NFT photos, that photo belongs to you. You become a member of our community. You share our vision.

All the pictures in our collection are our own creations. They are processed by ourselves.

We move to quite a variety of places to photograph what the Earth has to offer us.

Benefits of NFTs

each photo is unique

Be part of our NFT community

When you buy a The Great Yassine NFT photo you are instantly part of our community.

Our community is growing and will gradually become autonomous in this exciting journey towards Web 3.0.

We're focused on making authentic connections as we dive into the metaverse together.

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Communauté The Great Yassine
Photo NFT et droits commerciaux

Own all commercial rights

When you buy a The Great Yassine NFT photo, this creation totally belongs to you.

You can print it on all types of media and sell it as a product. That's really a big advantage! You can use it in your communications as an advertising photo.

Your photo in high resolution

All your NFT photos are available in high resolution (more than 5000×3000 pixels) JPEG. This is specified in each page of our account at

This allows you to print a physical copy of your NFT in high quality, to display it in high resolution on a screen and to use it for a large scale display.

Photos NFT en haute résolution
Investir dans les photos NFT

A good choice for investment

Our photos are popular with our web community. They are liked and shared in Instagram and Twitter by thousands of users. Among them are social accounts with high reputation!

If you are getting into investing, buying an NFT photo is a good choice. When you buy a The Great Yassine NFT photo, you also buy notoriety. You are guaranteed that the value of the photo will grow.


On sale on our website

We also offer posters that you can buy for decorate one or more rooms of your apartment, house or office. The poster paper is top quality. Delivery is secure.

Posters are available in shop of our ARTSGRAPHIQUES.NET website. Take advantage of current promotions. Some posters are in LIMITED EDITION and therefore may disappear from our site.

The founder

The Great Yassine

Born in France, Yassine began to stand out very early with his graphic creations. For him, this activity is more than a skill. In 2007 he created the blog. His interest in digital is evident.

If you want to know more about the founder, click on the following link About.

The photos above were taken on a beach in southern France. The distinction between work and pleasure is no longer visible.

Yassine transmits to us not only the beauty of the world but also this state of mind through his photographs and graphic creations.

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MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain.



OpenSea is a dedicated platform for buying, selling, and trading non-fungible or NFT tokens.



Ethereum is considered the most promising blockchain outside of Bitcoin.

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